Let Go

There was a little girl who had a pet dog. From the moment she had it, she loved it dearly like she can never love another. Even though she had been bitten so may times, the little girl still loved that dog with all her heart. When the dog suddenly wanted to break free from her embrace, her heart shattered. It was painful for her to let it go. Even so, she let it go for it to be happy. After some time, the dog came back to her. She was really happy. She thought the dog wouldn’t leave her anymore but it did. And so, her heart died.

Don’t you know it was like that? Didn’t you know she let you go like that very child letting go of her pet? Didn’t you know how painful it was for her? Haven’t you realized how torn she was? Please, spare me the thought of licking her feet again. She already died. That once sweet child already died. And you killed her.

I don’t need to tell you this anymore. I know you already knew it from the start. You just keep closing your eyes and pretend you didn’t. I think it’s time to let go.

So let go.

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  1. :[
    I love my dog too much to let her go.
    And we haven’t given up on her yet, no matter how much pain she’s caused (she bites dogs) or how much she costs us (for the compensations and her medication and doctor bills).
    I can’t even think of the time I’m going to have to let her go. > <

  2. Letting go is one of the most painful actions that man has to ever do.. and if one keep on dwelling about the past, the future will be bleak – something that will never have a clear form of. Other than that, it’s difficult to “revive” somebody who has already died just because one is holding on to the past as if for dear life.

    No one can stop change.

  3. Mmm….I find it extremely hard to let go. Even when I know I should, even when it’s the only way to maintain any semblance of sanity. What makes it easy for some and hard for others? Is that the difference between real love and the superficial? Or is it just how we are? Perhaps it’s some combination of both aspects. I don’t know. I can’t figure anything out anymore. sigh

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    Well anyway, I’m done with classes for this semester so my summer is free! I’m so happy…it feels good to finally relax and not have to be all stressed out because of school. I hope things are going well for you! I was cleaning out one of my old email addresses yesterday and I found some emails that we wrote back and forth – I miss talking to you all the time. I guess we both just got busy though. <3

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