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I don’t know if it’s just me or anything, but I don’t think that the essence of web designing is only for it’s visual purpose.

Imho, a good web site should not be based on how good the graphic used was made. Of course the images used are very important, as to that fact that I am very particular with details, I still think that graphic alone doesn’t make a website. Regardless of for whatever purpose it may serve, may it be a personal site, a blog, a portfolio, a company website or whatever, there are several things you need to consider to make a “good website” too. Like, you should take into note the speed of your website, how visible the texts are despite it being viewed in different monitors, how well thought of and organized are the pages and the navigations, how it follows the standard XHTML and CSS, how clean the codes are and how semantic they can possibly be.

I’m not saying this as a web developer, rather, as someone who feels that just because you’re a good graphic artist doesn’t make you a “great” person when it comes to making a website. I don’t need thousands of images to make a good website. I can make a clean and beautiful website by the least amount of images with the power of XHTML and CSS.

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  1. Oh, yes. I have learned the importance of all the things you’re trying to point out during the time when I was forced (lol, but in fact liked it) to read two (X)HTML books for the contest I was bound to join.

  2. pero hindi ko sinunod yung iba… hahaha
    pasayaw ako eh

    ok naman pag view sa IE, pero sa Firefox, errr..

    yung scrollbars ekek lang kase me topak… sa IE puwede edit scrollbars.. sa iba, hindi ata… kaya pag-vinalidate… error talaga lalabas… hahaha

    Ayos? Ayos!

  3. Ako I use very little images on my designs (mainly because I’m fucking lazy). Usually pag may nagpapagawa sakin ng ganito, I ask for specific purpose ng page. At kung ano yung fuctionalities na gusto niya makita. Ganun.

    And CSS? XHTML? Books are not needed for that. Isang message lang kay Euri, ok na. Hahaha.


  4. I learned the webstandards XHTML, CSS 2.0 from the web. w3c.org and looking at the codes of other websites. No, I don’t copy their layouts, I see how they do it.

    Shucks, sana walang pumunta na matamaan dito. I still see many websites that are not really friendly, esp when it comes to resolution and dial up. Big images that are for higher resolutions. Shucks, the highest resolution in my PC is 1024 by 860.

  5. Trelumas,
    Huh? What the heck are you talking about? Scroll bars aren’t suppose to work in Firefox. It’s one of those IE only feature. For your CSS to validate, your codes should both work in most browsers. That’s why it’s called “standard”. XD

    You’re such a lazy ass!

    Bato bato sa langit, ba? ๐Ÿ˜†

    We’re the same! Comrade! The easiest way to learn is to grab someone else’s code and learn from it! Ahaha~

  6. I learned the importance of making a website through experience and taking a look at the coding from various designs. I read tutorials, too, but since the vast majority of them I read lacked helpful pictures… that didn’t last so long ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. “I can make a clean and beautiful website by the least amount of images with the power of XHTML and CSS.

    i totally agree love your layout ๐Ÿ™‚

    FINCH’s last blog post..<a href=’http://undextrois.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/dating-rules-for-pervtards/'” rel=”nofollow”>Dating rules for Pervtards

  8. lol.. I agree!! less graphics, more css lol.. and good, clean, “READABLE” coding. ๐Ÿ˜† -> a web developer too.. lol

  9. on Ken
    ayoko nga
    sayang eh
    mahal ang dampot ko dun

    tsaka, binasa ko din at ginamit kya nga,
    “pero hindi ko sinunod yung -iba-”

    yung iba
    yung iba
    yung iba


  10. on Ken
    ayoko nga
    sayang eh
    mahal ang dampot ko dun

    tsaka, binasa ko din at ginamit kya nga,
    “pero hindi ko sinunod yung -iba-”

    yung iba
    yung iba
    yung iba


  11. feels like this blog is pointed at her (=ยธ=;) I should learn more from you… XD ๐Ÿ˜† Anyways, I know someone, who’s basically the same as the one you’re describing there ๐Ÿ™ Sadly, he’s good at making graphics, but he uses waaay too much images (big ones too)… Takes longer to load his site than mine at least XD

  12. O.o?
    ibig ko sabihin, sayang naman kung tatapon ko lang (gaya ng sabi niya na tapon na lang)
    kase mahal dampot ko dun

  13. *subscribes to Euri’s web designing posts*

    These days parang feeling ko na nga lang baguhin lahat ng layouts ko into a simpler one. Actually, nagawa ko na sa fster account ko. >.> Mas maganda kasi tignan if your things are organized rather than personalized. Ah, ewan~

  14. I forgot the titles. Basta, the first one had an orange cover and the paper is not, uh, white while the second one is not as thick as the first one and the paper is white (which makes me like it reading more). X-P There were colors in the second book. Practically, it’s easier to absorb. It had violet in the cover. ^_^

  15. I agree, I’m good at coming up with design ideas but my coding is pretty bad where as my friend is super good with her coding and organisation skills but not so great at the design element. I think its important to have a nice well organised user friendly website rather then a pretty but difficult to use website. Of course I ignore all of this and use my website as an excuse to use as many brushes and big images as possible. Sorry guys heheh

  16. sniff that was…beautifully said :’D
    i take fast loading over eye-candy any day (simplicity is love)
    seeing my finished sites validate makes me so happy x33 and people think i’m weird when i say that har~ but it’s so obsessive, i seriously can’t help it xD

    Hikari’s last blog post..<a href=’http://kyuu.reverielied.net/?p=107′” rel=”nofollow”>layout change

  17. Kanya-kanyang design ng web pages yan, I guess. I mean, Bryan Veloso’s blog surely has a complex blog layout, but it still loads fast on my Firefox. I guess it’s a matter of optimizing the graphics for the Web so visitors’ browsers can load the web pages pretty fast.

    But of course, XHTML and CSS is really really more important than the graphics. They’re, like, the skeletons of web pages. And, well, web browser integration. I mean, some web pages look really good on Firefox while they look crap on IE (but web pages looking good on Firefox is FUCKING better!!1).

    I guess this is the challenge: Fast web page loading on browsers especially if the visitor has a dial-up Internet connection.

    The Deranged Writer’s last blog post..A family outing

  18. I agree with you. Even though if you’re a great graphic artist but doesn’t know standard XHTML + CSS, your output would just be a crap.

    Besides, you don’t need beautiful graphics to make an astounding website.

  19. web design… well, as for me there are so many things to look and so many things to consider. Pero para sa kin… great web design should be effective, functional and usable. Killer designs always makes a good impression. But sometimes they became unusable. Depende lang siguro kung paano approach gagawin mo. Kelangan cross-resolution, not necessarily dapat css. Different sites has different needs.

    And also, this twitter is f*ckin’ annoying (biglang wla na sa topic) sulpot ng sulpot.

    and also, padaan lng euri hehehe kapit-building ๐Ÿ˜†

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