Lunatic Symphony: A GPKISM Fanlisting

I have made a fanlisting for GPKISM! And I named it Lunatic Symphony! If you’re a fan of GPKISM, please consider joining! (^_^)/

I wanted this to become the official fanlisting at some point, but of course, I’ll have to ask GPK for permission.
(Edit: It’s been approved to be an Official Fanlisting and by GPK, himself too!)

Well, anyway, here’s the site’s layout:

Image © GPKISMStock Xchange and Getty Images.

Yes, yes, it has this Gothic elegance aura, doesn’t it? I am very happy with how it turned out, honestly. I’m so happy with it that it makes me want to cry in self amazement. When I got this done, I actually told myself vainly, “Damn, sometimes, I amaze myself.” 😆

It took me a few minutes to crop out each and every image and about 2 hours rearranging the beads here and there to arrive at the point where I could be satisfied with how it looks. And the rest of the day, as well as the rest of another half day, was spent thinking of a name that would fit GPKISM at some point.

When I was making this, I have this desire of wanting it to look something dark and elegant at the same time, simple and clean looking. I spent a few hours cracking my mind on what to do, but then, I couldn’t think of a way to show it. I came to a point where I wanted to just draw GPK to let off my frustration, but I was so damn frustrated that I couldn’t even draw him properly anymore. I was constantly bugging Jeoffrey that I couldn’t draw GPK and ended up working because I couldn’t do anything, anyway. Then by around late afternoon that day, the idea of “what about GPKISM as a point of view of a fan?” suddenly hit me. Since I am a fan, it’ll be quite easy to make. And then, I made it like that with GPK and Kiwamu’s pictures over their CD and of course, my selfish love for Venetian Masks and roses (the rose is dead because I love dead things). The rosary beads, however, was added later on to portray my devotion.

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  1. Looks great ! (If I only knew the band…)…
    I like the beads thing, the colors…
    And the venetian mask… <3
    Damned, I love Venezia… And in Carnival even more… :aww:
    If it wasn’t for the smell this city would be a twisted dream made reality…

    Beautiful work Dearest… Hope to see you contributing to DarkAsia with your art too 🙂
    (By the way you should post this web design in the “Ars Magica de Profundis” section)

  2. Hahah … I accidentally wrote my comment on your gb ❗ Can you believe that ❓ ❗ X-P :lmao:

    Anyways~ Yeah I love the layout of your new FL <3 <3 <3

  3. Kiatsu,
    Thanks Kiatsu! I like your layouts too. ^^;

    Hmm… Uu naman. Sino pa ba sa tingin mo ang gagawa ng layout para sakin? ^^;

  4. Ganun
    di ah

    Nakita ko na din yung mga dati mong layout. Yung iba, medyo pareho lang. Headers lang pinagkaiba (?)

    Mga 6 years na din ako nagawa websites.

    Gagawin ko na nga online yung portfolio ko eh. Pero hindi lahat ilalagay xmpre…ehehe


  5. DespairsRae,
    I’ve never been this addicted to a musician since my Gackt era. ^^;

    Hmm… Which layout were you referring to when you said:

    pareho lang. Headers lang pinagkaiba (?)

  6. yung layout mo ngayon sa dati mong layout bago dito (?) medyo dqn maalala eh..ehehe.. basta yung black mo na layout (?) tapos me view ba yun ng sunset (?) kase pareho yung layout, navigation nasa left, tas main frame sa right.. yun nga lang, yung ngayon, nasa upper right yung ibang nav…ehehe

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