Fairy Tale

When your enchanting silver dress
Turns back into dirty rags,
When your prince never arrived
To wake you up with a kiss,
Always remember that inside the deep forest
There’s a tiny hut where you can run into.

When your castle that’s made of gold
Crumbles into tiny pieces of stones,
When both of your healthy feet
Turned back into a tail that’s full of scales,
Remember that inside the deep deep forest,
There’s a hut where you can find shelter into.

When the clock strikes twelve
And all the magic turns into dusts,
When no matter how much you cry and plead,
Fairy godmother can’t be found,
Remember that inside the deep deep forest
There’s always a hut where you can find comfort.

Though it’s walls are only made of cheap woods,
And it’s roof is made only of straw,
Though it may not have all the things wanted,
And it may not grant your every wish,
The hut would remain there inside the deep forest
To shelter you when you have nowhere to go.

Even if because of your happiness, you forget,
Still, deep inside that dark and gloomy forest,
There’s always a tiny peasant hut that waits.
It’s the only place where you can find someone
Who would smile for you, when all else neglects you
So brightly that it fills your heart with warmth inside.

I wanted to be that tiny hut for you to return to,
When you’re wounded and couldn’t stand.
But I could only be the wind that follows you around
Who could only listen to your sorrows unknowingly,
And softly whisper at your ears words you couldn’t hear,
And painfully drift as I slowly fade away.

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  1. Huwau.. *sprinkles fairy dust on Euri* XD

    Tourism.. Kaso under siya ng HRM, kaya technically HRM yung course ko.. LOL.. Masyadong marami nang Nurses sa mundo!! >.<;;

  2. you’re the one

    finch’s last blog post..<a href=’http://undextrois.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/life-dating/'” rel=”nofollow”>Life, Dating

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