The stage is too big.
The spotlight, too bright.
I looked around the audience,
But I couldn’t find you.

You were running,
Like you’ll need to catch that last train.
You were shivering,
As if being cornered by a hungry wolf.

I closed my eyes
And breathed in deeply.
I thought of you
And I started to sing.

Do you hear me there
Wherever you have run off to?
Can you sense my voice trembling?
Can you hear my heart crying?

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  1. hello beyondeternal :_) good day po! napadaan lang po dito sa blog mong cute:) hehe lamig po sa mata… nice!
    Cute po yung blog pero mas cute pa din yung may ari ng blog na ito 🙂

  2. The title of this poetry is not suitable for what it talks about. Is it about an escape or trying to escape? It’s not very clear.

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