Here I stand at top of a 7 floor building.
I stare at the wide street below.
It was lifeless and dirty.
It was bare and empty.

Here I stand in front of a 7 floor building.
I stare and look up to the top.
I  was blinded by the light,
Yet the shadow protects me from the sun.

We saw each other.
Eye to eye,
Our stare met each other.
Our time stopped.
And our world turned black and white.
Together, we reached out.

From what it seems like heaven,
Suddenly, you sang a sad song.
It reached my heart,
As my eyes starts to get blurry.

I saw you innocently stare from below,
Looking up as if I was God.
You try hard to stand though you’re shaking.
Suddenly, you fell in the pool of your own blood.

We saw each other.
Heart to heart.
We stared at each other.
Our shadows collided.
Our world faded from black and white.
Together, our thoughts reached out.

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