Hate Me!

As Evil pass by my door tonight,
With a pale smile I gave my thoughts
To haunt you down and play with you
At this cold and terrifying night.

I enclosed within his silhouette,
Those childish laughs and evil desires,
A faint memory of me,
My selfishness, my dreadful ways.

I want you to bleed your tears out
Drink till you passed out
Hurt yourself til you forget the pain
Cut yourself and bathe with blood.

Because I want you to hate me!
Damn me, curse me, condemn me!
To the extent of you taking my life off me,
Or wanting to burn me alive.

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  1. we can’t hate you.

    Never were God’s arms opened so wide as they were on the cross. One arm extending back into history and the other reaching into the future. An Embrace of forgiveness offered for anyone who’ll come. A hen gathering her chicks. A Father receiving his own. A redeemer redeeming the world.

    we can’t hate you.

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