I May Be Silent

I may be an unintelligent person,
One who always fail her courses,
One who never listens to what teachers say,
Skip classes most of the time.

I may be a worthless pile of flesh,
An untalented poor soul,
An imbecile who knew not of anything,
Someone who never had any dream.

I may be silent of the things around me
Doesn’t utter a word unless talked to,
One who always nods and say pitiful words like,
“Go ahaead, mock me to death.”

But even though I am silent
I’m not blind nor deaf nor numb.
I could see, hear and feel things
Even though you thought I can’t.

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  1. Are you alright Euri? That poem sounds so sad and depressing, I hope things are alright! Sometimes I feel like that too. IT’s like just because we’re silence people don’t think we can see what we see. sigh Anyway~ I hope things are going great for you!

  2. awww [hugs] I can relate to that poem. I agree with jenni. it’s depressing but it’s good. ;( man. [hugsx2] sai loves you okay? =)

    heh. i wag all the time as well xD

  3. Hi Euri! Are you okay? I do hope you are! ^_^ You know life may be so full of people who put other people down, and usually, when that happens to us, we allow ourselves to feel affected. But you know what? You shouldn’t care. Because if you do allow yourself to even flinch, just because of it, that would mean they have succeeded in being the mean persons they are. So don’t let them affect you, and make them cease for at least a moment from being the bad people they are xP


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