I Feel-

I feel devastated.
I feel as if though I do not belong.
And I am painfully crying inside,
Though my mask is doing her job well.

I just want to stop the time,
Where nothing else but me moves.
Where I could feel everyone’s pain,
Where I could see everyone’s tears.

I just wanted to think,
In the most solitude place I could find.
I wanted to regain something I had lost-
My self-love.

Or, if time may permit,
I just simply want to know that feeling-
The feeling I crave so much at this point.
The feeling of dying.

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  1. And I am painfully crying inside,
    Though my mask is doing her job well.

    I believe I am good at sweeping my feelings under the rug, pero wala pa naman akong suicidal tendencies

  2. I feel as if though I do not belong.

    I know this feeling. I also feel like I don’t belong nowhere. I hate that feeling.

    The feeling of dying.

    Euri, don’t say that, please hugs
    Despite all the bad things in life, life DO is worth living it – there is some reason in life, you just have to find out what is yours.

  3. the poem is express well but at the same time sad. Can personally relate w/ the 2nd and 3rd stanza.

    last stanza is scary… do you really feel that? hope you’re ok.

  4. You can always choose to feel happy, Euri-chan. And that’s a better choice. =)

    pat pat

    I’m here if you want to talk. And I mean it, I’m willing to listen. =)

  5. sounds like we’re in the same boat. most of it echo my very own predicament.

    just like what you did for me:hugs hope u’re doing fine, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Well, dying’s not so bad :D:D~ I mean you get to go to heaven after! ^__^ It’s just the question of HOW you feel like dying o__O; I mean, do you wanna go to sleep and die, or do you want to drown? d:

    >; I’m jk about the drowning part and all. >>;
    Oh, moo. I is here. Why is it such a sad poem. =_= If ever I take to writing poetry, I shall write bubbly happy sunshiny poems. About myself. XDXD~ Hehehehe.

    Anyway, you write prettyfully. [=

  7. those were the ole’days πŸ˜› I hated myself for the past 21 years… but if you continue to hate yourself and want to die πŸ˜› what will happen to you? πŸ˜›

    I wanna compose a poem for God @.@

  8. You updated a lot. Seems like you have more time

    Binalik ni Lord yung pagkaenergetic ko and I really have a lot of time basta sa kanya. Even I am busy πŸ™‚ siyempre nakakatulong din ang business mo eh sa online so you can work and do these stuff at the same time πŸ˜€

  9. gah thats deep wow its really good hope thats not how you feel be happy I find it hard but after reading a manga (fruits basket man I love that manga) I realised that the girl had it far harder then me so I should be happy no matter what because I have it pretty good πŸ™‚
    Luv Bexxxxxxxx

  10. aww. i can totally relate to the poem.. once, a guy friend asked me “how do you manage to smile when you’re heart is burning on fire?”… i simply answered “maybe because… i’m used to it…” it taks time, to heal a broken heart. πŸ™ how i wish that time, would just like rewind….

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