On My Own

When I first walked this long road,
It seemed to me it had no meaning.
As if I’m walking forever,
Very lonely and weary.

But on the way I found you,
Taking this long road too.
Then I felt quite happy,
Now that I found a company.

You took care of me,
Helped me stood up,
Wiped my every tear,
And hold me close when I’m cold.

You showed me me glimpse
Of what the world is too me.
You taught me well of what is proper and not.
And you taught me how to love.

By the time I understand
What you have been teaching me,
I just found you
Leaving me behind.

After all those times you’ve spent in me,
You just left me with the knowledge to go on.
But how can I? When you, who taught me,
Left without me knowing the reason why.

Now I realize,
You want me to learn it on my own.
All I can do now is to thank you
For all those things you’ve done for me.

I wrote this back in high school, when we were graduating. I wrote it for my best friend, Lanie. Eventually, we edited a whole part of it and only the first 6 lines were added into a song we made that we entered into a graduation song writing competition traditionally being held in our school. The finalized song was titled Last Memories.

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