Sometimes, I grew weary of life as it draws me nearer to the hatred of my own. Strength is something I desire of at this very moment. I crave strength for myself to carry on the task given to me by Life itself that I doubt I could handle more to what I had. Sometimes I feel rather foolish to be persuading something I could never gasps. Something within the reach of my hand yet, when I take it, it would drift a mile far. I had decided to cross the river to the small island beyond the sea. But no matter how much I rowed this boat, it just drifts me farther from that island. Or is it the island itself doesn’t want me to land on it? I pity myself for being so helpless. I tought people ways through the waves but I couldn’t get myself off it. *sigh* But then even if, I still strive to live my life to the fullest extent of spending each minute of my day with work to forget my pains.

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