Brings Back Memories

I saw him a while ago at school. He pass by me and gave me back the cd he borrowed. We had treated each other as friends since the time we broke up but his attitude of not talking to me infront of many people still haven’t changed. He acted as if he really didn’t want to let the people know we knew each other.

When we were still together, I felt this thing like he was ashamed of me. Whenever we are walking, he always went on ahead and left me walking alone. Then he would yell at me telling me I walk oo slow where in fact, he walks too fast. When I tell him that, he would always say it’s hot. And stupidly, I always just give a nod for an answer. But deep down my heart, I cry.

I had always told myself to just forget him but I couldn’t do it. I always keep myself busy to avoid remembering things such as that but no use… I wanted to be by him again but then the troma of just leaving me without any good reasong still lives within me so thought twice again. Another thing, he’s a strong Christian and wouldn’t even listen to what I have to say when I start asking “How sure are you that your G-d exist?”. I can’t imaging myself praying, going to Sabbath, preaching whatever. I had been born and grew without any divine diety. And he was the opposite. We couldn’t meet because his spritual side is the first in his priorities and me the last where in my side, it’s the exact opposite. My friend, Jon once told me that even if, everything would meet at the middle if we really love each other. I could give him that assurace but what about him? That, I couldn’t tell.

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