The Coward

She wanted to graduate. She wanted a degree so bad as fast as she could because she just wanted to be able to tell people that she graduated. And she would have something that her parents can be proud of. Unconsciously, she’s still stupidly hoping for their praise like a little kindergarten waiting for a soft pat on the head with the words “very good” from her parents. But she never did her best in the process and she doesn’t even try to deny that fact. It can’t be helped since she never wanted that course.

She suddenly woke up from a dream and realized she wanted to study again. But this time, she wanted to take a course she really wanted. But she let it pass thinking it was just one of selfish thought she dreamed of like wanting a Homme Ducan doll. One day, a friend gave her a list of courses available in their college. As she browsed through the pages one after the other, her eyes stopped in the middle and saw that course she wanted to take. Her heart suddenly felt heavy. She closed her eyes and tried to avoid it yet the thought of it haunts her and she felt really bothered.

To gain what she desires, she needs to give up a lot of things. She understand this more than anyone else because she knows that sacrifices are what fuels perseverance to mold dreams into reality. Despite it, she doesn’t know what to do. Frankly, she’s afraid to make sacrifices. She grew frightened for what might happen. What if, in the end, it was all in vain?

She wanted it so bad but she does not have the courage to do what she wanted.

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  1. It’s all about taking risks. Look what I did, I resign from my company and took the risk that I might not get a stable job at once but hey I found one even before my last day in my blasted company 😀

  2. I really feel guilty about leaving you in the middle of our chat. Trust me, I did not mean it. THE FCUKING NETWORK here in the dorm suddenly failed to give me the bytes I needed to access the Internet. Yes, I pity myself for subscribing teh dorm net.

    Euri-chan, remember the story I told you about the old guy who studied again just to fulfill his dreams? It’s not fiction – it’s entirely true. And my spine tingles every time I remember that story. Maybe because I, myself, am searching as well.

    You are lucky. You know what you want. Knowing and understanding your dreams give you the chance to achieve it. But for people like me who don’t even have a hint of what they really want out of life…it pains to just even think about it.

    It’s not too late. It’s not too late, Euri-chan. 🙂

  3. If you really want it then go for it.
    Looks at the comment above*, you’re lucky because you know what you want. 🙂

  4. Frankly, you are so lucky you know what you want. I should learn from this, really. I’m taking up something I think I want, but a few years into the course and here I am thinking that it’s not what I want. Gawd.

  5. She’s a fool. Oh well, if she finds a rich man she’ll be alright. Take note bitches. “If you ain’t got it in your head then you’re best bet is to give good head”. As you all know, sex is the greatest power you can have over your man. So, use it wisely. Not everyone are smart like “[insert name here]” but if you feel like you’re good at something. just do it. And the most important thing is love what you do and give it your 100% effort on whatever you do.

    Im so proud of you, buddy!!! you go girl……. 😉

  6. it’s good to have a focus and act on it, i know it’s tough, like me, me = wants to do design, parents = science, i hate having asian parents that want to direct their children in one path =_= yeah…and because of my parents i totally became indecisive about university (and i’m graduating this year Dx) but if you really want to do it, go for it, you don’t know how it’ll go until you actually do it :3

  7. “We may be called cowards at one point in our lives.”

    “Live your life.” It’s never too late to take chances again. It’s better to have sacrifices than believing one’s wasted their life trying to prove something they’re not. Life’s too short to be spent sulking over some useless things… and really, one does not need to expect mindless humans to notice their worth, as long as he/she knows it for himself/herself.

  8. sometimes, you just don’t know if you even deserve what you want.

    but that’s just me.

    you, on the other hand, deserve anything you want more than anyone else, so go girl. cheers for you. ^o~

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