Ms. International 2005

Precious Lara Quigaman The name Precious Lara Quigaman continuously blossoms over the Internet since the night she won her title Ms. International 2005. Even though there are a lot who object on her winning the title, but for her fellow Filipinos, wherever they may be, they are all proud of her in heart and mind. Although I failed to see her in Ms. International 2005 Pageant due to lack of time, as I read the news and some other news blogs, I was very pleased of her for one could not deny that she could both face the world with her graceful beauty as well as intelligently defend herself and voice out her opinion freely without hesitation.

At the night of the pageant, when she was asked one of the best question, she answered full-heartedly…

Question: what do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies?

Precious Lara Quigaman’s answer: I take no offense on being typecast as a nanny. But I do take offense that the educated people of the world have somehow denigrated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is. Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you – your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people. So to those who have typecast us as nannies, thank you. It is a stament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture.


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  1. Dapat dun ako magco-comment sa previous entry mo, kaso pagkaclick ko ng “Submit Comment” eh bigla akong nadisconnect dahil ubos na ang internet card ko. LOL. Anyway, astig nga siya noh?! Unang kita ko pa lang sa kanya, napansin kong ala- Ruffa Guttierez siya magsalita, at hawig talaga niya. Hehe! Ang ganda nman ng sagot niya, nakka-proud! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Caii told me about her!!! XD XD She jacked my name :O :O (just kidding)

    Nyaa, I haven’t found another host. T___T I hate host-hunting. So frustrating. I’m putting it off xD

    BTW I infected you ^___^

  3. hmmm. o.o Never heard of her. dies XDDDD lol.
    Well, yeah. :3
    It’s something like Miss America except international, right?
    I wonder why it hasn’t been a bigger news thing. o.O

  4. aaawww…di ko din napanood si Ms. Precious per grabe ang ganda ng sinagot niya. I never used to care about her winning before but ngayong nabasa ko ‘to parang sobrang orud ako sa kanya. she really deserved to win!

    i’ll send ulit sa email yung password ๐Ÿ™‚ andun yun link sa navigation sa sidebar — private blog. hehehe.

  5. Man is she brainy or what? Precious is indeed PRECIOUS! Bihira ang mga katulad nya nowadays na talagang BEAUTY with BRAINS!

  6. I dunno. I felt quite icky with the question. I dunno, but , not that I don’t feel proud, but I think everybody is making too much fuzz about her win. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate her. it’s just that people talk about her too much

  7. Wow. Yun pala yung Q&A nia. Maganda yung sagot nya. I like it. Plus she really has a pretty face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. may nabasa ako sa isang thread na may mga hindi naniniwalang pure pinay siya dahil maganda daw kasi (bakit hindi ba magaganda mga pinay??).. buti na lang may mga pinoys dun sa thread na pinagtanggol ang lahi ng mga pinoy! hehehe.. basta idol ko talaga siya kasi ang galing niya talaga.. and kalog pa!! hehehe.. =)

  9. She is very beautiful and her answer to that question was beautiful, too. I haven’t heard of her before, though!

  10. Okay lang. Medyo OA na rin kasi yung fuss about her. I wanna see her in person, matangkad daw kasi. Kung sabagay, it’s been a long time ago since somebody bagged any beauty queen title.

  11. yah ganda ni ate prec s0bra… we’re both living in the same country and in the same place..galing nya s0bra.. we never expect na ma2nalo xa… but then kaboom!.. i really adore her.. nice docu for her –,

  12. Brilliantly answered! Wow! A true Pinay! Thats what Pinays have on its own way, a full package that brought within. Were very proud of u Miss International!!!

  13. Hello! I just found your site on Domain Clique and I read about this beautiful Pinay. I had no idea a Filipino won the pageant nor did I even know Ms. Intertational came on. That’s really great news! Anyway, that answer is just so clever and wonderful.

  14. to ROVIE parang di ka naniniwala sa sagot ni PRECIOUS bakit dhay ikaw hindi ka proud na maging nannies someday isang marangal na trabaho ang nanny… ewan ko sayo ano ba trabaho????

    ang sa akin lang im so proud and we al proud for her
    to all of us here in middle east KUWait

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