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For how many times do I need to tell people that I am not a Korean and I am not a Korean drama TV series (Korean-novela) actress!! This is not the first time. I always hear these things since Meteor Garden era. And it’s not just at college but at jeepneys, streets and the market as well? O.o

First and foremost, my ethnicity is Chinese. That explains my skin color, so please stop comparing your brown skin with my pale skin. I don’t feel flattered at all. I don’t care if you people wanted a pale skin like mine or whatever but please don’t repeat such stuff to me. It gets irritating whenever you hear it. Also, you people should be contented for whatever you have.

Secondly, in my humble opinion, acting, modeling and the like are just another line of job that deals with entertaining people. That’s why it’s called the “entertainment industry”. Duh. So why take the fuss over actors and actresses? (Or is it just me that thinks this way?) After all, you see them on TV because it’s their job to be on TV. Also, I am way too under qualified to be an actress. I can’t act, I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t do pretty much anything. To make things short, I’m talentless. Even if by some weird chance I’m scouted, I wouldn’t even try working for an industry where you sell your face, body and talents to be seen nationwide. Even your every move is monitored by people from the media and everything else in your life would turn from reality to being superficial.

Thirdly, not all people with the same skin color and china-eyes as me are Korean. Why do people here in this country see Chinese, Japanese and Korean people all automatically as Korean-novela1 actors/actresses anyway? This is not just exaggeration this time. I’m starting to think that watching TV is really bad.

Fourth, what do you care if I dress this way? Is there any law in the Philippine constitution stating I cannot wear things such as these? (Business/office attire: blouse, slocks pants, knee-length boots, and blaser placed over my shoulders – because it’s hot if I wear it on the jeepney. >.<) Also, it is required that I wear stuff like this that’s why I’m wearing them. Do you think I would just randomly wear such clothes on this countryside-like place I’m living? Before commenting on other people, please look at the mirror first. I don’t hate these kind of people though, because in my opinion, such are just the signs of insecurity.

And lastly, if I may request, if you plan on talking behind a person, please murmur them in a lower voice. Just enough to be heard by the one you are talking to and also not loud enough to be heard by that the person you are talking about. Because even if you meant it as a compliment, the person might not take is as one but rather, the opposite. Please be conscious of the people around you too, because not all people are like you. I won’t expect too much from you people though, you are uneducated, ill-mannered street people, after all.

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  1. hehehe… hay, just don’t mind them euri, ingit lang mga yan or nababana siya sa itsura mo hehehe… hayaan mo lang sila. coz the first time i met u i did not say anything, ryt? hehehe… πŸ˜†

  2. Hey, Euri! πŸ™‚ It’s me, Marilyn (remember Raptured?).

    Hmm. People just love to generalize. They think that Koreans, the Chinese and the Japanese are one and the same.

  3. calm down @.@ kung sa tingin nila ikay mukhang korean (kamukha mo kasi si sandara) no offense @.@ (maganda naman siya actually) anyway.. it’s their OWN opinion diba? πŸ˜› so calm down @.@

  4. Hindi naman ako galit, do I sound that mad? Nagrereklamo lang naman ako. You know, that I always rant. O.o

    @ Ade ~
    Seriously, you seemed way too handsome for a rapist. Also, should I be thankful that I look like a child, then?

    @ Marilyn ~
    Do you mean, the ethnic roots are the same?

  5. yup you sound mad na nagrereklamo. hehehe.. Yup i think that you should be thankful that you look like a child. so that you’ll always be “CUTE” πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† and always be young. di ba? hehehe… πŸ˜€

  6. WHOA! that is a lot of rants euri!

    maybe you should put “some” of their comments into your good side. dont be mad at them its just one of those filipinos personalities :]

    cheer up! buti ka nga eh nakikita kang artista :]

  7. gawd.. i hate hearing people murmuring loud enough for you to hear at ikaw yun pinag-uusapan.

    I remember some people cheer at me ui, Tsan Cai-whatever because I have my long hair in two braids.

    It would be fun at times to bring a gun and shot annoying people.

    Tsino/Koreanovelas are evil. X-P

  8. Thanks for the comment!

    People are silly. Actually where I live everyone thinks if you’re Asian, you’re Chinese. And there actually IS a difference in looks for the most part… But I hate when people talk about others, even if its supposed to be a compliment. Why don’t they just ‘compliment’ you to your face?

  9. haha… just leave those pebble-minded peepz, they know nothing about u and besides, how can they know if a person is a korean, chinese or japanese just by looking. I have experienced those things also but not korean but chinese &/or japanese but I always insists that I’ am a filipino and no blood of any chinese or japanese or something…. sometimes even my hair, they want to talk about that it’s kinda weird oftentimes laughing on my spiked hairstyle which sometimes making them look like dumb enough for me to compare them to a primary grade bully type. Wtf! :wtf: With a capital ?F!? they don?t care if I look like this coz I want the way I look, I feel good, I feel unique. I don?t want tell them that they look boring. I don?t care. It?s me. Mind their own business. Maybe they don?t grow up. Stay true. πŸ˜€

  10. Wow Euri…that seemed really angry. I don’t really know what went on exactly, but people make mistakes. We’re human, after all. Try not to let it get to you too badly.

  11. speaking of korean, aside from the French language and the british accent, Korean language sounds nice. it’s just like our Ilonggo accent, it sound sweet. ang lambing sa tenga.

  12. Jdorama is just starting to kick off! They’ll soon start suspecting that you’re a Japanese actress! xD

    Miss you, Euri-chan!

  13. Yeah, I am aware. I still prefer to just buy the entire series in DVD than watch it in TV. They cut it too much and commercials are too annoying. X-P

  14. nyuk nyuk nyuk. ^_^ most people just can’t differentiate a chinese from a japanese from a korean or any other race with chinky eyes. tamo, pinay ka na, akala pa rin foreigner ka, hehe. tama, baka next time japanese naman, united nation ka na hehe joke. ^_^

  15. To us non-Chinese, North Asians(Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) basically look the same. The only way we could differenciate the three is through names. I once had a pure Chinese classmate and really, at first I thought he was Korean. Hehe. In school, it’s quite difficult for me to determine who’s from the Mainland and who’s from Korea. Hehe.

    Hey, have I mentioned to you it’s a bit difficult too to determine who’s Igorot and who’s Chinese here in Baguio? Many Igorots have sinic features(as in singkit, maputi…). Because of my Ibaloi blood, I am sometimes mistaken as Korean or Chinese. Magpabangs kaya ako? Harharhar.

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