Acquaintance Party AY: ’05-’06

This years acquaintance party depressed me. Aside from the fact that it was the only acquaintance party I’ve been that was celebrated on a resort and in daylight at that, the program was awfully boring. I spend like a couple of hours staring at nothing, listening to an acoutic band. They have bands, yes, and an alternative-rock band in the evening. As soon as the food arrived, I grabbed my meal and left. Boredom will kill me if I would stay any longer. Besides, what would I do there? I am not allowed to swim anyway. (Pool water causes me skin allergies.) And more to my dismay, I start to forsee that my dreams of seeing my beloved alma matter to be something of worth before I gradute, are in futile.

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  1. Acquaintance party. Hind ako party whore kaya di ako nag-aatend nung year Acq. Party namin. Ewan ko, di ko feel. Wala ka bang kasamang friends na kachikahan nung pumunta ka sa party?

  2. Ate, I can’t see your text clearly because it’s too small on my browser… ;P Well, anyway, hmmm… I’ms ick today. I think got this from my swimming classes… germs… eww…

  3. =O Well …. wah …. I wouldn’t have bothered going ='( sorry you had a bad time and couldn’t swim ='(

  4. Ate, I can?t see your text clearly because it?s too small on my browser? ;P

    It works fine on all browsers I have. Maybe the problem is with your browser. Try adjusting your browser’s font size.

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  5. I think most acquaintance parties are boring…kung di nga lang required nung college ako..di rin ako pupunta. Nothing comes out of it anyway. Boring nga! 🙂 Ay, I have a lot of chinay and chinoy friends din. Meron din isang half japanese and she’s in japan visiting her dad right now. Share lang! hehe 🙂

  6. Dearest Euri – I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the acquaintance party. hug Where have you been, by the by? You haven’t updated your site in ages! Ok, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic… XD Anyway, I love you and you should come see my new layout for my blog!

  7. Ay sayang! I was online…grrr! I had a major headache so after uploading the layouts I logged off na! 🙂 Anyway, take care hun!

  8. Doon naman sa aquitance party… you have to expect na Ganoon lang ang acquintance party. Ikaw ba naman, pa pe-prepare sa iyo ang isang acquitance party in less than a week. kaya mo kaya yun? 😛

  9. Ikaw ba naman, pa pe-prepare sa iyo ang isang acquitance party in less than a week. kaya mo kaya yun?

    Bakit kami nun sa Tribe Ko To? What’s the difference? Hindi ba rush din yun? In fairness, TK2 was a Pampanga-wide event but we managed to pull it through. Kahit pa sabihin mong first time nila, first time din naman namin yun ah. Ilan lang kami nun. Eh sila, ilan sila ngayon? Ang dami nila. Not to mention, the previews SC officers, tinulungan pa sila. Spoon fed na nga lahat ng kailangang nilang gawin eh. The only thing na gagawin na lang nila is to move. Gusto pa ba nila previews officers pa rin gagawa? Why the heck did they ran in the first place? Besides, dean already informed them about it weeks before. It was also posted on the bulletin board. So don’t tell me they were given less than a week to prepare.

    Bakit nung batch niyo nun sa SC, rush din naman yung mga mga yun diba? But you managed to pull it through as well. Hindi na nga kayo halos pumapasok nun para lang ma push through. They just don’t want to sacrifice something in place of another. Hindi naman yun sa kung kaya bang gawin, the point is, dapat kinayang gawin. Why don’t they prove all those speeches they left at the Meeting de Avace? What are those then? Mere publicity for them to win and now that they won, itatatpon na lang ba yung mga yun? Does that just proved that we are better or they are merely incapable? Take your pick.

    And one more thing, tumutulong na nga kami dahil yung mga ibang officers eh nakatulala na lang sa isang tabi habang yung mga iba eh pagod na pagod, kami pa raw tong “nakikialam” according to some rude person who doesn’t even had the guts to say it in front of me rather than nagpaparinig pa siya from afar. That’s a mere sign of insecurity. 😡

  10. Euri.. Compare mo naman noh. Tribe ko toh may MONTHS yun na preparation kahit RUSH. E yung “Acquitance party nila” WALANG MONTHS ni WALA NGA WEEKS!

  11. I really don?t like our acquaintance party this year. I can?t wear my Gackt outfit in the pool and in the middle of the day you know.

    OMG!! :love:

    Euri.. Compare mo naman noh. Tribe ko toh may MONTHS yun na preparation kahit RUSH. E yung ?Acquitance party nila? WALANG MONTHS ni WALA NGA WEEKS!

    Mas alam mo pa sakin. 😛

    tulala? doon pala nga daw sila NAKAUPO.


    Alam mo ba, kung sakaling magkakagulo sa CSC, bilang sa right hand fingers mo, maybe lesser, ang maiiwan para sumuporta pa rin for kuya Noel. Bait yun, kaso I really don’t like his officers. ESP some jerk na laging nagmamarunong. 😛

  12. Ohhh, im the one planning for our upcoming party.. Although its a rush because the administration keEps on changing the dates, instead of next mOnth, it is moved this week. I just hope that the studentry wOnt feel any bOredom just like you did. too bad for yOu. hmmm, by the way il be open for suggestions if u have .. best luck for me. my ym

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