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Sorry for the lack of updates. I was trying to save 98,000 gold for an Alruna’s Rose at Gaiaonline. I really wanted a succubus for my avatar. I’ve worked Kaine hard enough to sell a couple of thousand golds from my inventory and his for the same purpose too. Sadly, I’m still not even half way of it.

Anyway, going to the main highlight of the story, it’s finally November! At the 15th day of this month, I will be celebrating Beyond Eternal‘s 5th anniversary! And while at it, I’ll throw a bit of an event this year.

I thought of having a layout making contest for this event. The theme would be “beyond eternal.” I was actually thinking of a good theme for this event while drinking tea this morning. And I ended up with this idea since it is Beyond Eternal’s anniversary anyway. Unlike the typical themes of winter, spring, summer, fall, Christmas, Halloween, and so on, I think, “beyond eternal” would give people vast concepts to choose from. There would be hundreds of things people could think of with the mere thought of it.

Now for my requirements, the site has to be well structured/organized as well as X/HTML and CSS validated. This would also serve as my own way of campaigning for the web standards. Yes, I will be viewing the source codes. I will not be requiring people to submit the files to me in zip. It could be uploaded to their own websites too. I simple wanted to see clean codes.

For the prices, I would give 1 year domain and hosting for the first prize, a year hosting only for the second prize, and a domain only for the third prize. All of these will be hosted and registered at the same sites where my own sites are hosted. Sites will be hosted at Shinigamiweb.com and domain will be registered at d0m41n.name. I will pay all the expenses for 1 year only.

Submission of entries will begin at November 15th 2008, 12:00am and will end at November 30th 2008, 12:00am. I will be the judge of course. Winners will be announced a week after, on December 6th 2008 at no specific time.

I will post more details about this in the coming days. I posted this ahead so people who are interested might start thinking of a good concept as soon as they read this.

Good luck to everyone who will be joining.

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  1. I would join, but I think I’m fine on Afef’s side as I barely use any space on her domain according to her. And honestly I hardly know much when it comes to coding. If I won, I don’t know anything about MySQL and all that other stuff for a domain and all. I suck at tutorials. X_X

  2. Wow, what a fabulous event that you are working on, being such a “newbie” as I am, I wouldn’t even know where to start, but am anxious to see the entries and the results, good luck!
    Betsy Buchanan

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