Welcome, Spring!

Technically, Spring does not exist in my country. But really who cares, right?

I’ve changed my Gallery‘s layout to something Spring.

I’m happy on how it turned out. Especially the header. This is my first header image in years. Yes, YEARS.

If you notice my other seasonal sites and other collection sites, they all don’t have headers. I did code them to have placeholders for headers, but they’re hidden because I don’t really have anything to put on there.

Aside from the header image, everything else were pre-made – backgrounds, and some images.

My Spring Site is also up, but half done. I haven’t organized the other pages, but the main parts are all done. There’s nothing interesting in it though. I don’t make puzzle games like others do anymore because they’re tedious to make and I’m a lazy ass. My sub-sites are more on the part that holds my collections rather than it being interactive for guests. Although I do have a bit of things to offer on them. Please visit my Spring Site, if you have time to spare! 😀

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