Last Saturday, I attended a wedding. Long story short, due to circumstances, I didn’t have enough time to buy a dress. So, I opted to just borrow one from a friend.

So as not to repeat this past mistake, I thought I’d browse around for dresses that I may be able to wear for future events. So in case I would need one, I’d know where to find one. Or at least, I have an idea of what to look for. Just for future references.

I was looking around several online clothing shops for dresses, I have a few criteria in mind of what I would want to look for.. The first is that the dress should be as plain or basic as possible. Second is that it can be worn casually and also formally. And the third one is that it would look comfortable to wear even in this scorching hot weather.

Finally, after a few hours, I found a few of the dresses from Shop This Easy and ZALORA that I would want to wear and I would like to share it to you in case you might be interested in them too.

The dresses from Shop This Easy look like the type of dresses you’d see in a Korean drama series. They have a small collection of dresses, but these were my favorites from their collection.

Unfortunately though, the first one is sold out.

Since I’m often mistaken as a Korean, I think these dresses would fit me. Korean drama series are big in this this country, so if your peg is to look like a Korean celebrity, these are it. And they’re cheap too. Prices range from PHP 400-1,000. Cheap, right?

Next, you should check out the casual dress collection at ZALORA. They have the prettiest basics. Here are 2 of my favorites. 😀

I especially love the colors of these dresses above. They look simple, elegant and the dress seems flowy. I could definitely wear these in weddings or other formal events. There are other that caught my eyes, but these 2 are on the top of my list. The best part of it all is that they actually have XS size! I’m petite, so it’s really hard to look for clothes with an XS size in this country. Adult clothes are mostly huge and teen/children’s clothes are too small. Price range are around PHP 900-2,000. Not bad, eh?

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  1. I like the dresses you picked out! My favorite is the first one, but it’s too bad that it’s sold out. This is probably different in different cultures, but over here, you’re not supposed to wear a white dress to a wedding (because the bride should be the only one in white). I like to keep a simple black or blue dress handy for those kind of events 🙂

    1. It’s the same here. Also, black are seen as something of a “bad luck” so I can’t wear black too.

  2. I love the dresses u chose, i think the blue one would be my favourite if i had the figure to pull it off. I think any of them would be great for everyday wear not just occasionally. I was out looking for an outfit yesterday for a job interview tomorrow and my friend showed me a black skirt it was really pretty and great price but unfortunately I couldnt bring myself to buy it because I knew as soon as I did i would wear it to my interview then it would end up on a hanger in my closet never to be worn again. so you definately need to be sure what ur buying before deciding on a whim what to get but thats just my two cents 🙂

    1. I agree! I have a lot of clothes that I only wore once and then they’re left in my closet for all eternity. I thought that I would sell them on ebay or something to free space.

  3. I like those dresses, plain is simple is a good way to go so you can change the way you want to wear them. I wouldn’t look good in that kind though since I’m so dang tall and curvy. Dress shopping can be a nightmare for me.

  4. Yep, the rule of thumb (well, for me) is that the clothes you buy should be those that you can wear in more than just one occasion. Best case would be if you can wear it at work or just at the mall!

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