SONA 2005

Yesterday was PGMA’s SONA. I was disappointed with her SONA yet I kinda expected it would be something as such. She wouldn’t mention the tape issue nor her-asking-forgiveness-about-her-cheating-the-election (at least, my interpretation of the tape) issue anyway. She mentioned a lot of achievements she had done for the county so far. The problem is, do people believe those? Does everyone still have that faith they once have in her? Yes, people praised her that day a it was shown over television. Even so, you’ll never know if she just paid them off like it was before in EDSA II. Aminin man natin o hindi, she just paid most of those people who appealed in EDSA II against ERAP. Now that I think of it, at least si ERAP, 2 years siyang naupo bago na-impeach. Si GMA ba meron ng one year since the election? Wala pa ata. 😛

Pero, in fairness, type ko yung Filipinana outfit niya. Kahit na, according to the narator, nanggaling pa yun sa “baul” ng nanay niya. As if! Magpa-dramatic entrance ba. Hello? Kahit na sabihin niyang galing pa yun ke Apo Abukay, people doesn’t care. And besides, she’s just ruining her mother’s good name wearing it. Her credibility as a president has waned down far to low as almost everyone wants her out of the position. Personally, I wanted her to resign, yet, thinking of the country, I can’t, honestly, name anyone who could replace her.

Poor Philippines. 🙁

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  1. More than 80 million and populasyon ng Pilipinas. Sino ang makapagsasabing wala ng puwedeng pumalit sa kaniya?

    I was watching TV and when the SONA aired, I turned it off. Ayaw ko ng madagdagan ang sakit ng ulo ko. Plus, alam na rin naman natin ang sasabihin n’ya, chukchakchenes na naman.

  2. yup Poor Philippines.. kahit naman madami populasyon sa Pilipinas, kahit palitan pa yun presidente, i think ganyan din mag yayari. halos lahat ng nakaupo are corrupt. lahat naman cla nagbubulsa. kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas eh. kahit palitan pa ang presidente eh kung corrupt din, wala, pareho lng magyayari sa bansa..

  3. LMAO. Lies, lies, all of it! XD Kidding, so no offense to the GMA supporters out there. I got influenced by my relatives, friends, schoolmates who are PRO-Lacson and ANTI-GMA. Lol.

    Eek. Kasya sakanya? XD

  4. @the post above: im a pro-lacson girl too.. ^^ anyway, well the SONA was for me well designed for her to escape on the things that are bringing down her government now. she talked about charter change.. hehe. and suddenly pabor na sya don. the SONA was not directly for the masa. it was for the other people. she talked about economic growth when price of basic commodities are rising. and all those numbers. hahay. well.. ayun.. escape. hehe..

  5. before the SONA we had a brownout. I live in a subdivision along commonwealth ave., and th guards had to close our gates sa dami ng tao. Anyway, nag brownout kaya natulog na lang ako :P. I wasn’t interested in anything she has to say anyway. And I don’t believe a fig about her achievements either cause where the hell is it? LOL. You’re damn right…poor Philippines. tsk tsk.

    I dont update my LJ much but I’ll still add you. I’ll log in tom! what’s your username? take care hun! Dont think about this too much, sasakit lang ulo natin. haaay.

  6. O_O GEUSS WHO IS BACK?? MOI! I can take not having a blog so I just said screw it, no domain for me, and I have a new blog url ^^; Can you change my link dearest? I LOVE YOU XOX

  7. I prefer a freethinker to be our president (Mala Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine etc.). But since we don’t have any freethinkers in the field…. mananatiling nakasudlok sa kahirapan at kawawang estado ang Pilpinas.

    Your ignorance is the politicians’ best weapon.

  8. Hrm. Ako lang yata ang naiiba dito eh 😛 I don’t like her very much but at the same time, I don’t see anyone else capable of being a president. ‘Wag mong sabihin na dahil Cebuana ako, I “support” her. Give her a chance, this time, make it the last. Kasi sa pagkakaalam ko, a president’s say within the Malacañang isn’t always the last. Diba she has a board of advisers and so on? Whatever actions she takes aren’t always under her own influence, maraming other factors that may have made her do those things.

    Hrm, I’m up for federalism. It’s about time.

  9. dpat hndi ung gobyerno ang palitan ung mga nama2hala sa gobyernoh ang dpat plitan….. kc my problema sa knila ang knilang panda2ya…….

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