Time seems to stop
And all lights were out.
Everyone, stares coldly,
At this poor soul in the spotlight.

The one with a tear covered face,
Broke down slowly on her knees
Helplessly… helplessly…

In this freezing ground,
She embrace herself
As she stare back at those people
Fearfully… fearfully…

Through this night,
Though this long cold night,
No one was there by her side…
No one will… Never will…

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  1. Dearest Euri… hug You can never get too many hugs. ^^ The poem is great. I hope you did well in your courses.

  2. awww.. ouch! hey.. sad naman.. but ur really really good.. hang galing.. keep it up.. musta na? hope thesis is ok.. take care!

  3. =((((((((((( Wahhhhh huggers Euri

    On the other hand … I is jealous of you, ateeeeeee. How do you write such MAGANDANG POEMS? XDDD;

  4. kawawa naman yang taong yan… :sniffs: pero minsan naman talaga.. nature nang tao kaya marami tayong problema kasi pinoproblema natin eh… tayo lang gumagawa nang loneliness sa buhay natin.. :sniff:

  5. yup maganda 🙂 very entertaining saka maganda effects, etc. Parang di mo nga makikilala si papa johnny (?!?!) ! hehe, kasi nagmuka siyang weird dun.

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