When I needed you most,
You weren’t there.
I was crying alone,
I was bleeding alone.

When you needed me,
I didn’t know.
How am I suppose to know?
You didn’t tell me.

I thought you care for me.
I thought you love me.
But you were not there,
Your presence was never there.

I am not a fortune teller.
Nor am I a psychologist.
I can’t tell how you feel,
Unless you tell me.

You turned your back on me
And left me all alone.
Even the world turned its back on me.
And I felt so betrayed, so crushed.

I never left and was always by your side.
You just didn’t notice that I was there.
Never did I turned my back on you.
It was you who turned your back on to the world.

I can’t see your face –
All I see is darkness.
I can’t hear your words –
My world is in deafening silence.

As I see you lay there,
Cold, pale and unmoving.
Your beautiful face will be forever marked
Unchanging in my memory.

I am here in front of you,
Can’t you see me?
I am holding your hands,
Can’t you feel me?

I never wished you to give up on life.
I wanted to always be beside you.
But you never trusted me.
You never believed in me.

Please don’t cry.
It’s painful to see your tears.
Please be happy,
This is forever goodbye.

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  1. If I were talking to my buddy right now, I want to say some of the lines there. They say much of what I’m feeling for her in the past few months. Let’s just say that I’m not used to rare talks with her. sigh

  2. I, too, pen my own poems ever since I was in my mother’s womb wtflol!

    Seriously, as I was always saying, just watch out for your grammatical mishaps and you’re good to go. Oh, and that italics technique you employed , works everytime. Two opposable thumbs up.

  3. Yes, I did find a plugin but I think it would be great if I could look at your code. You should’ve uploaded it to the WordPress plugin directory!

  4. 🙁 It’s hard to be there for someone, when that someone makes you feel.. that you’re no longer needed.. 🙁

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