Little Doll

I’m not going nuts,
Oh, no, I’m not!
I’ve already had a screw loose
Quite some time ago.

My puppet master thought it was okay.
That it’s not really harmful
And he shall fix me later,
Yes, just a little while later.

Later turned into hours,
And hours turned into days.
I was left alone to run around,
And I played a lot, yes, I played!

Alas he paused for a while
And thought he would fix the poor me.
Too bad he never got the chance,
Oh, no, he never did.

Red fluid came out from his body
They are warm and overflowing.
I wanted to see more, more!
I grabbed the knife again.

I thought he would cry.
Oh, tears, I want to see.
But all I heard was a loud scream –
Sweet sounds of agony.

I stabbed him and I stabbed him.
Again and again, yes, I did.
Because I found his little life
Quite an interesting play thing.

He stopped moving,
Oh yes, he did.
I poke him and poke him,
But now, doesn’t breathe.

I’m not broken,
Cant you people see?
I’m still quite whole,
Just a little loose and free.

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