As I wake up one morning,
Here I am, endlessly drifting.
Not even a glimpse of light,
Nor anyone in sight.

I cried out loud to anyone
Who could hear my voice.
How sad, it seemed like no one
Even heard a whisper through the noise.

I always felt frightened,
Whenever I asked myself, what happened?
I couldn’t even try,
To break myself down and cry.

What filled my heart was deep sadness,
Wanting someone to fill this emptiness.
Wanting someone to reach out a hand,
And bring me to an unknown land.

A place what my heart desires,
Full of smiles in each person eyes.
Sweet melodies that they would sing,
As they joined hands to form a ring.

How I longed for that light,
To free me from an endless war inside,
That kept me forever tied,
To a place called “Twilight”.

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