Just Now

It was just now
That I started to realize
That it’s been so long
Since I’ve kept this feeling inside.
Only I knew of the happiness I’m feeling,
Whenever I’m with you.
Only I knew of the pain I’m going through,
When she hurt you.
But who am I?
Do I have the right to tell you?
When everything I knew,
I keep inside,
So that no one might knew of what I feel.
Afraid of you regretting me,
Afraid of them finding out that I love you.
But still, ’til now I can’t understand
How you made me laugh when I’m sad.
But I guess I never will find out
Because our path separates now.
And all I can do is to try my best
To forget everything.
But I think I can’t
And I never will be able to.
I just hope someday I might see you again.
But before that day comes,
I want to stop myself from loving you
Because I know you’ll never do.

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