I’m one of the few original pillars
That is left of this old house.
I have a lot of stories to tell,
Of children that were born, and now have grown.

I’ve been a part of this house for decades.
I’ve been a part of it since this house was first made.
When I first arrived in this house,
Everyone was still so young and full of life.

Through the years, we stand tall.
Through the years, we watched them grow.
Through the years, we protected each other
As we shielded people from sun and rain.

One after the other, everyone slowly fell.
One after the other, everyone got replaced.
I try my best to stand still.
I try my best to be strong and hold on.

There are times I wanted to just break down.
There are times when I think that I’m too old and too tired.
I start to feel the weight of the roof,
And the pain when my feet starts crumbling.

But when I think of this loving family
That I’ve been with all these years,
And of how hard it would be for them if I give up,
I simply close my eyes and forget all my pains.

I have sacrificed too much to keep this house together.
I could probably already fill an entire lifetime of pain.
But I wanted to be the only pillar left standing
When this entire house finally give in.

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