The Actress

As the curtain rise up,
She starts to wear that mask.
The one mask she never wore off, on stage.
The one mask who had always been her friend.

An unparalleled gracefulness.
An unuttered beauty.
The enchanting stare.
The flawless skin.

The extravagant clothes.
The luxurious jewelries.
The finest make-ups.
The lavish do.

She gets everyone’s eyes.
Everyone loves her.
She’s the center of the spotlight.
She’s the angel that fell from heaven.

After the long pretentious night,
The spotlight closes.
The curtain slowly falls.
The crowd starts to grew lesser and lesser.

In the shadows of darkness
Behind the huge velvet cloth,
she embraces herself tight.
And she smiles eerily.

Her bright shinning eyes,
They slowly lose their glim.
Her sweet gentle smile,
They slowly starts to fade.

Her warm healthy body,
Begins to feel freezing cold.
Her never shown tears
Begins to stream down and cover her soul.

Night after night
She cries this way.
Morning after morning,
She wears it again.

On and on
She plays this part.
The only act she played
That never seem to end.

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  1. Quite a genuine emotion in the poem. Being loved by many but still alone in the world.

    T_T ang lungkot.. parang buhay.. hehe

  2. I got your site from Despair, but I’m glad I found it… your writing is gorgeous. I’m a bit of a literature freak in my spare time anyway, though it doesn’t come across on my site sadly, and I always love to read others’ work.

  3. Hm, this poem reminds me of “Lucky” by Britney Spears.

    Those that shine in the daylight, suffer as the darkness descends. Sad, that’s how the world is to most of us…not just the actress.

  4. Beautiful..Tumaas yung balahibo ko nung binasa ko..

    It makes me think that we are all actresses/actors in our own way, everyday. Yes, indeed we are.

  5. Yes, we are all actors and acresses. And yes, we might be happy person outside, we laugh aloud, we smile, but are we?

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