First SOTM

Nothing much to blog, I just got my first ever SOTM award and I wanted to show it all to you! :lmao: Thank you very much to Satsuki of Totally Obsessed for this wonderful SOTM award! ♥


Oh, crap. It reminds me to gather some ideas for the new set of awards I promised making this weekend. X-P

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  1. Hehe congratulations on the award! I haven’t entered a single contest yet. At base sa galing ng mga kabataan ngayon, I don’t think I really have a chance. :p

    Ayoko naman ng anonymous blog. I agree with you. So what kung mabasa nila? :p

  2. wow!! congrats ate euri! Sorry ngayon lang ako nakadaan. I like the graphic! COngrats for having won that award…

    By the way, should I send another email to join your contest thingy?:)

  3. Congrats! Wow, I’ve never received any sort of Web awards.. except the goldwebawards one, which everyone gets it if they apply.. lol.

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