Acids to My Heart

It’s been a while… I’ve been very busy. Woke up early to watch TV 😛 Sadly, wasn’t able to watch.

I feel helpless and sad for Bessy. Her tears as if acid drops to my heart. Even though I don’t like her bf, I didn’t commented and just kept it all to myself. Now, he’ll do this. What a jerk he is. He always makes her cry. Why does she have to love someone like that? Love is really BLIND. He doesn’t have the brains – as if he doesn’t have one at all! (Not exaggerating.) Much more the looks. If you asked me, I like Eric (her ex) more than this guy. Though she said, he’s kind and sweet. Yeah right! All people are kind and sweet someimes! Even me at this state. She asked me if she should cool it off with him for a while. Then I said, better think about it first before making decisions like that. She said that something changed between the both of them. I don’t know what it was. I don’t ask her to tell me every detail their doing much more the private matters. She also said that she sense that there was someone else. I don’t know about that part. Haven’t seen him with another woman unlike in Khei’s case… Speaking of Khei, Bessy saw the “Diane” person and said that Khei looked better. He left her once without any good reason. I didn’t want them to get together again because I don’t think he really loves her. If you ask me,I think he just got back with her because he just wanted someone by his side to call his girl! She was my Bessy but not once we argued seriously about something and not one drop of tear fell from her eyes because of me. But this guy – ARGH!! I even risk her parent’s trust in me too many times because of their relationship and then, he would give her tears to me in return! GRR!! I better get to rest before I do something unpleasant.

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