Birthday Presents

Let me spare this space for a few friends celebrating their birthdays.

Cake for Enob-X!
A cake for my friend ENOB-X!!

And to Vladi…

Didn’t know it was your birthday, sorry. Don’t cry if they didn’t brought you up a topic na may “Happy Birthday Vladi!” Know why? Because they weren’t happy you were born. Your birth is more of a CURSE than a BLESSING. Keep that in mind. And since they didn’t brought you a topic, let me do the honor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VLADI!! And I’ll make a wish for you as well… Let me see… Well, since Vladi’s been kind to me inviting me to his birthday, I WON’T be harsh to you this time… I wish you would find someone who WOULD (notice I didn’t use “could” instead…) understand you, UNCONDITIONALLY. Because you REALLY NEED that person. And I offer you this, as a birthday present…

To Vladimir!
In memorial of VLADIMIR

A loving friend (to a few others with his same brain waves) but a BASTARD to all.

May his soul (if he has one) Rest In Peace
in the eternal halls of Hades.

(If I was Hades, I won’t even accept your soul. Tartarus is such a sweet paradise for you to be in.)

Casket donated by:

Hope you would find it comfortable. I even engraved your name! I remembered when you said, you were a “RETARDED PROTOTYPE” by NASA? So, How’s it going? I guess you’re living up to NASA’s high expectations. The big baby wants to cry? Go hide under you’re mom’s skirt! But even if you do, “tita EURI” (this is what you called me right?) will still find you and when I do, you’ll be seeing yourself under your own GRAVE! And all else is celebrating! *devilish laugh* Just scaring the wits out of you. But seriously, Vladi’s a kind person. Favorite pet nga ni SATAN yan eh! (If he existed) Masunurin! 😆 Oh! Eto na pala yung susundo sayo eh.

HAPPY TRIPING!! See? Because I love you so much, I want to see you bleed! I even spent time making you a present! Be thankful!

As I had said, Vladi, I DONT GIVE A DAMN to anybody. Don’t you dare go telling me that you don’t buy for this kind of “PIKUNAN”. You started this damn whole shit. I’m just amusing myself in your discretion. I really love to see you very furious of me and damning me to Hell. I hope by this, you would leave me alone. If not, I’ll be haunting you ’til eternity.

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