Last night was raining hard. The electricity died early so I wasn’t able to make an entry. Mom bought three oil burners – two for my grandfather’s altar and one for her room. I burned two incense last night because I like the smell. 😛 I went home early after class yesterday. We went to SM. She wanted to buy candle holders for her candles scattered all over her room. I bought her two glass made candle holders before but she wanted a bigger one. I suggested a Japanese plate for her candles and she also agreed. A while ago, she bought four packs of different kinds of decorative stones – also for her room decoration. sighs She never grew tired of putting this and that to her room. She also too my shoe cabinet at my room. She said that I don’t use them anyway so might as well take it to her house. sighs (again) I don’t use my room anyway, because it’s hot. And I’m sleeping in her room.. 😛 My original room is almost empty now, the few things were left there were bed, cabinet, and desk. sighs (again and again) Btw, talked to DJRK the other night. Talked about ritual stuff… Slept at around 2 AM because of Dean’s assignment. Ah! suddenly remembered something My D-GEC! Wait! search room I lost my D-GEC (what’s that? devilish smile you would just laugh really hard if you found out!) for last Friday’s inventory! Where was that paper where I wrote that last Friday? Argh! Can’t remember… sighs (again and again and again) Look! Our Emperor Flower! It bloomed! There are three of them at our garden but only two bloomed when I was still awake. 😛

Emperor's Flower Emperor's Flower

These flowers are really huge. That is why their stem couldn’t hold them for a long time. They open for just a few hours and they bloom only at around 11PM to midnight. I was waiting for them to bloom and got pictures of them through my younger bro’s cellphone. They smell good too! But sometimes, their sent is too strong.

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