May Blues

It’s May. I was to buy Beyond Eternal again before May. I guess I couldn’t. I haven’t thought of anything creative to do with Takipsilim yet. This, the on and off of electricity, my vacation procastination and all that crappy talks I’m hearing, reading, whatever are giving me a huge headache.

Haven’t been visiting blogs lately because I’m visiting all the fanlistings I’ve joined and getting myself out of their lists. I’ll check back to the half of it, that aren’t working as of current, some other time. Cliques that I had joined would remain. 🙂

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  1. Wow, buying Beyond-Eternal again? I hope you succeed! Hehe Hi Euri, Jennijens is back 🙂

    Why get out of the fanlistings? Aww =/ you don’t like listings anymore? Hm… which reminds me I have to put up my fanlistings code haha =]

  2. Ha.. see it’s not hard to make Gerard hot is it? 🙂 I appreciate that you liked the Electrifying picture– I liked how it turned out as well. 🙂

    Though truth be told, it’s not hard to make him hot…

    I think it’s a good thing you made takipsilim, Euri– making a new fresh start and leaving BE behind.. It’s a good thing to move and start fresh where you can create a new style or design. It doesn’t always start out so well so fast, but you know it will eventually.


    Do take care. — Good talking to you as well!

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