Sometimes, seeing my own journal really amaze me. I never thought I could ever do anything of this sort. I started this just for pure fun and don’t upload much entry but as time gone by, this journal became on of my everyday tasks. I can’t actually write and my grammar’s quite… uhm… well… ah… should I say, poor… and all I can do really was to draw. Come to think of it, since when did I learned how to draw? The credit is all given to my every Social Science class. 😀 I really drew a lot during that subject. On one account, the subject bored me a lot and our instructors at this subject are usually, old teachers. *sigh* At first my drawings are a bit… uhm… can’t find the words… Let us put it this way, do you know stick man? LOLS! Kidding aside, I could only draw things what any kid could draw… Basically, from lines to circles to shapes and the most beautiful thing I could draw was just a rainbow. Our elementary books back then had a lot of pictures. Then, I started to trace them and trace them and trace them over and over again until I could draw them without copies. I keep on drawing the same thing until I grew tired of them. Then, I saw a Manga. Can’t remember the title… It was an old one. It was the first Manga I had read. It was written in Chinese though… Then, I started drawing it again and again I had tried but no progress… So, I looked for another Manga whose characters are a bit easier to draw than the last one. And I found Ranma 1/2!! Then, I started to draw again. Still not satisfied, I bought a lot of anime magazines and try to draw them. Then, I learned how to draw. But now, I haven’t drawn for quite long so, I’m trying to regain my lost talent. It seemed like it was 500 years now, since I last drew. *Sigh* Better make my assignment now or I will not finished it tonight. Assignments… so endless…

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