Today is Sunday. I’m currently at the office, burning my ass over some gay project. The only person here besides me are Ate Gi, Jones and Lyset. But since Ate Gi is a guard and both other girls are CSRs, I am the only one inside. That fact aside, the PD area is at the inner most part of the office.

Since I am a person who prefer working in total darkness (no lights at all), I asked Ate Gi not to open the lights at all. But I guess its not possible so there are a few lights opened behind me. Seriously, I work better when it’s dark and it seems as if the light is blinding me. But since it’s a matter of “president might be coming around,” all discussions are ended.

Anyway, I heard there are ghosts here in the office that only comes out when no one’s around. Since I’m all alone here inside, I wonder if I would see one.

My adventure at begins.

(Come back later for my conclusion.)

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  1. As of 6:04 PM:
    It’s already dark outside. Jones and Lyset already left. There’s only me inside and Ate Gi and Dave (E-watcher) outside. So far, still no mumu in sight. 🙁

  2. Ghost o.o;; so did you see one? I can’t work in the dark haha feels like I can’t see anything even if I’m at a computer screen ^^;;

  3. wow intresting day you had =] lols ; hrmphs ; i prefer working in the dark aswell , it seems oh so relaxing , although thinking that some sort of supernatural ghost kraph is around it kindah gives me the shivers , anyways nice layout very peculiar =] intresting to look at lols ; tata ! god blesz

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