Life Can Be Too Busy

Life can be too busy at times that we just forget little things. Because of these little things we often forget, little hearts starts to shatter and fade.

It was my birthday. Nobody even remembered.

Comments aren’t neccessary anymore because by the time you read this, the 25th had pass.

The only people who I expect would greet me didn’t and those who remembered were the ones I really didn’t expect. Even so, I am very greatful for them. But then, I honestly admit that I counld’t hide the fact that I feel like crap.

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  1. What? Some people didn’t? It’s okay, something like that happened to me lots of times. You’re not the only one 🙂

  2. awwww sowi euri I have been totally swamoed this week end with revision and school friend troubles that I didn’t check your site awwww don’t feel like crap let throw you a party! an online one eh eh!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxx tell me a time and date eh

  3. aw. nag-greet naman ako sayo. nag comment na ako ah. first time ne? pero belated happy birthday par in sayo!


  4. ‘Di birthday mo ang nagsasabing mahalaga ka. Mahalaga ka kasi ikaw ay ikaw. Wala man nakaalala ng birthday mo, wala pa ring nagbago sa’yo, walang nawala, “no more, no less” wika nga nila.

    Pero belated happy birthday pa rin. 🙂

  5. ahhhh! nawala yung nicomment ko kanina!

    anyways, i kinda felt the same last year and the following year. it doesn’t mean na nakalimutan nila ay they dont care about you. so cheer up it a nice day:]

  6. I didn’t know it was your birthday… I am really bad at date remembering (Just ask my history teacher way back in highschool). And the guys above are right. You are never forgotten.

  7. This post made me so sad :[ Because I know if I would have been online at the time of your bday I would have so known and said something v_v; Stupid me and my laziness.

    But I know exactly how you felt. My bday last year I got nothing and no one remembered. It sucked really bad :

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