Scene 1

Someone: Where do you work?
Euri: Corporation.
Someone: Oh. Where is that?
Euri: Clarkfield.
Someone: Oh. What do you do there?
Euri: I’m a prototyper.
Someone: What is a prototyper?
Inner Euri: Beats me.
Euri: I code HTML and CSS.
Someone: Oh. What is Auction?
Euri: It’s an online buy and sell.
Someone: What is an online buy and sell?
Euri: You register to our site and you could buy and sell stuff online.
Someone: Oh. It’s something like Ebay.
Euri: Uh, yeah.

Scene 2

Someone: Where do you work?
Euri: Corporation.
Someone: What is that?
Euri: It’s an online buy and sell.
Someone: Like Ebay?
Euri: Err… Yeah.

Scene 3

Someone: Where do you work?
Euri: Corporation.
Someone: A website?
Euri: Well, yeah.
Someone: What kind?
Euri: It’s an online buy and sell.
Someone: I didn’t get that.
Euri: You could buy and sell stuff at our site.
Someone: Oh, really?
Euri: Yeah.
Someone: I’ve heard of something like that too, before. What was it again?
Euri: Uh… You mean E-bay?
Someone: Oh yeah! Ebay!

Scene 4

Someone: Where do you work now?
Euri: At Corporation.
Someone: Ah.. What is that?
Euri: It’s an online buy and sell.
Someone: What?
Euri: It’s where you buy and sell stuff on the Internet.
Someone: How do you do that?
Euri: Uhmm… It’s like Ebay
Someone: What is Ebay?
Inner Euri: Where the heck in the mountains do you live?
Euri: It’s like this. You register to our site as a member. Then you can post pictures of items you wanted to sell or buy stuff that other people sell.
Someone: How do you pay?
Euri: You can pay using cash. It’s called Bills Payment. Or you can use your ATMs to pay. Both Bancnet and Megalink are okay.
Someone: How do they send the things I bought?
Euri: They ship the items.
Inner Euri: Don’t tell me, delivery services also doesn’t exist in the mountain where you live.
Someone: What if the things I bought weren’t delivered.
Euri: Then you’ll get your money back.
Someone: How will I get my money back when I already paid?
Euri: We use this certain system at our site that’s called Escrow System that holds into your money first until the transaction is done. Then the seller can use Payout to get his/her money. So in case such things happen, you can get your money back. (I think? O_o)
Someone: Oh, sweet. What was the other site you just mentioned?
Euri: You mean, Ebay?
Someone: Yeah. Which one’s better?
Euri: Don’t ask me that question.
Inner Euri: Well, duh. I work for, hello? Earth to Mars? Of course I’ll say is better! Although, Ebay does have more items on sale and members are more active, in my opinion. Still, wins in site features. Nyeh!
Someone: Oh, yeah. You work there.
Inner Euri: You just realize that now?

Lessons Learned:

  1. When you see someone you haven’t met for a while inside the jeepney, the first thing they ask after a “How have you been?” is “Where do you work?”
  2. Nobody knows what a “prototyper” is. Who does, anyway? O_o
  3. I need a tape recorder that replies to the same old question like “where do you work?”, “what is a prototyper?” etc. to save me from evolving into an answering machine.
  4. If I were asked where I work next time and of what kind of company Corporation is, I’ll answer with, “it’s a company like Ebay” so that I wont be ask what an “online buy and sell” is.
  5. I could also work as a CSR.
  6. People who live in the mountains doesn’t know what Ebay is. They also don’t have delivery services. But, they do have ATMs. They swipe it off a tree and a gorilla’s arms will come out from some hole in the tree and reach their cash or something. X-P

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  1. hahahaha! cool, you work at… was browsing that site a couple of days ago. thinking of buying stuffs. well of course i didn’t end up with anything. glad one of my questions were answered here though (no, not what is), something bout how sure it is that the product will be shipped and the money back guarantee.

    oh well… was just hopping around. cool site! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the gift!!! I really love it!

    haha & i think i may know what a prototyper is – you test out new programs don’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lol, do you remember thatI asked you what a prototyper is?! XD

    but uhm I guess, If you know the meaning of the word auction then you’ll somehow know what kind of site


  4. this is funny! hahaha

    well if your long lost friend happens to me, id probably ask the same question… “what is a prototyper” hahaha

    eto mas malufet… ganyan din tanong sakin, “anong work mo?” sasabihin ko SAP consultant… “what is that” so sasabihin namin nag i implement and support ng SAP systems… syempre greek pa din kung ano nag SAP so asahan mo ang susunod na tanong “ano yun SAP?” grrr hirap pa naman i explain… sasagutin mo it’s a enterprise resource package softtware … tatanong pa din “ano yun?” … parang gusto kong sabihin, “may internet ka ba? punta ka nalang sa


  5. Haha. Malamang sa malamang itatanong ko rin sayo what a prototyper is.

    Taga-Angeles ka pala, haha. (ayan ngayon ko lang nalaman, di kasi mahilig magbasa ng profile) ๐Ÿ˜† Wala lang, may kamag-anak kami dun. May masabi lang. Hehe,

  6. Hahaha…
    Alam mo, mag-record ka nalang ng kung anong work mo at description nun..pati na rin kung saan ka nagwowork.

  7. I have a habit of looking things up on a dictionary first before asking. Haha. I’m such a dork sometimes. But geesh, I think I would have asked you the same question if we were talking face-to-face.

  8. @ Afef ~
    Err.. No. I actually code pages into HTML/CSS according to the layout provided by both the web designer and UI designer. In general terms, it’s supposed to be called “HTML Specialist” or something like that. But since here, we consider HTML pages to be “prototypes”, I am called a prototyper (of course, such term doesn’t exists). But prototypes, in general term, are the reference design and/or somewhat like of a blue print.

    @ ems ~
    I think, yours is a worse situation. The questions never stop! X-P

    @ Shari ~
    :lmao: You sound like my brother, “just fucking use Google it.”

  9. Im one of them nazis who feel that the right to ask questions was involuntarily revoked when Google came to existence. hehe

  10. if someone ask you again where do you work. just tell them, i work at ebay (korea)… lolz ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  11. I don’t think you could do anything about it. Haha. People always ask those questions. I would have asked you, too. But I do know about Ebay so I wouldn’t ask you about it anymore. hahaha.

  12. I think you should just tell everyone that you work in Clark as a website developer. Don’t say anymore. Just answer “Basta! sa Clark. INSERT POSITION HERE.” Hehehehe

  13. pano kung… ako naman magtatanong

    pano kung, wala akong card… kung meron man, ayoko (dahil sa maraming kadahilanan)

    pde bang pa-deliver na lang tapos tsaka lang ako magbabayad sa nagdeliver mismo? hindi sa opis?

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