Memories in the Rain

As I listen to the sounds of the pouring rain,
My heart felt heavy.
And everything else after that
Slowly went blurry.

The next thing I knew,
I found myself standing alone in street.
With my head facing up high,
With my arms as if embracing the sky.

In this grey barren road,
Where not a soul is present,
The rain continuously falls down on me
Like it would never end.

The impact felt like thousand needles
Pricking this soft, thin skin.
The water itself felt like acids
That gradually melts my consciousness away.

The painful rain that touch my skin,
The cold water that rushes down me,
Numbs my freezing, trembling body.
And it felt good, it felt so good.

With just one snap I came back
To the reality I was, originally.
Sitting behind the moistened window,
Staring at that pouring rain outside.

As I went to get a cup of tea,
My thought was still drifting elsewhere.
The memories of that scene in the rain,
It just can’t escape my mind.

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  1. hey euri-chan. matagal na din pala ako hindi nakakapag-comment, pero dumadalaw ako dito madalas, promise. ala-stalker. hehe. joke. ^^v

    i so love this poem. if rain can only wash away pain…

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