The passion of writing then again struck me this very moment. I seem to be quite pleased though a bit exhausted. I may appear a bit restless, but I could still write quite a bit longer enough to express my thought as of the moment. It has been quite a while since I read my mails and went to the forums to share my piece of thought to the world.

Very delighted I was an hour back having a conversation with that same being from the forum again. It seemed that despite his age, immaturity still lingers within him. Such rude comments he started and now, the first one to flee at the sight of flame. A disheartening fellow he is. Losing his moral fiber to someone who was mere expressing his thoughts. People who discriminate others and act immaculate of their own self-made sins on which they themselves commit, will solely find themselves lamenting in profound thoughts of irony. Sometimes, their words of idiocy amuse others but more often, they infuriate them.

Couldn’t keep myself silent of ill-mannered people, thus, I decided to speak my thoughts out. I was composed while I reply to their posts and try to tell them that they couldn’t force people to do everything as they wished. People have their own way of speech as well as their own freewill. But their feeble mind still couldn’t comprehend and continuously affronting people of their blade sharp-words. Many had tried to ignore them but they stir up quite a commotion. I, of one, decided to stand up and confront them. I could care less if it was just for mere fun they do these indecorous deeds or they were just seeking out turmoil. If by chance you were at my shoes, would you do the same and fight for what you believe is right or just sit and ignore them as if they do not exist?

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