Happy 6th Year Anniversary!!

Yum! Just finished eating. Now, I face this computer again, journalizing. My speaker’s fixed. The sound’s quite loud here. Listening to my current favorite band, Linkin Park again. Btw, a concert is near. Too bad, I can’t watch. No one wants to come with me… 🙁 My brother’s doing something. But I want to watch. A while ago, we rode a jeepney. The jeepney’s driver asked us to find another jeepney to ride. Then, upon going down, that same jeepney bumped into a car. Khei was so scared but we we’re all joking and telling her that she has a balat sa pwet (birthmark at her ass) and that she brought it today. LOLS!! As if you could remove it!! LOLS!! This reminds me, when I’m at PCV, computers there always either has defects, stuck or whatsoever… Remembered when She was just promoted to a higher rank there. She can’t control herself and this resulted to every electrical circuits we passed on running out of control, the lights around us blinked, even the weather went wild – a minute, sunny and hot and another minute, it’s raining hard… Then I thought, did I do all this, unconciously? A gift for me and My Bessy!! Today is our 6th year anniversary. Received a cake from her! Haven’t eaten it yet… Maybe tomorrow… We didn’t do much. Our movie watching was also postponed. WE were suppose to be going to SM to watch but it’s raining quite hard… The rain just stopped around late this afternoon. I really want to watch Harry Potter. 🙁 Went to Nepo instead and bought my mom a set of incense and candle holders. She asked me to buy them. Roaming around Nepo, one caught my eyes. I saw a manga, Ragnarok: Into the Abyss. And I immediately bought it. Not because it is a Ragnarok, but the “Norse Mythology” part caught my attention. I’m a sucker for these stuff, you know that. Oh! Yeah! Before I forgot, did you see Venus a while ago? They said you could see Venus crossing from the sun at around 4:00 PM. These info was from Khei. I did not. I was with Bessy!! 😀

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