Clearing Out Myself

About what I said last night, I am ready to face all rude comments people would send me. I know it was really a heartbreaking entry for my Christian friends. I’m sorry for that. I just had to speak it out or I will be lying to myself otherwise. I would rather choose the world to condemn me for what I should do and say rather than forever lie to myself. All I wanted was to be left alone with what I believed. I appreciate every thought of trying to help me out with it but this is one of the few things I wanted to figure out for myself and for myself only. I had alreaady told you people, I do not want anyone controlling me. No dictations of what I should do, I should wear, I should be, I should believe or whatsoever. I am not saddened by this thing being a non-Christian. I agree that I do possess sad eyes but possesing sad eyes doesn’t have any relation to Christianity. It’s something that matters with the heart… I do not consider myself as a devil’s instrument. Why? Because I do not believe in Christian G-d and much more to this devil which he, himself also created if you would take the “G-d created all” statement by Christians. Just clearing out myself. So, don’t push it.

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