I despise you Silence.
Know why?
Because you keep on reminding me
Of the things I wanted to forget.
His touch, his sent,
His smile, his glance.

I wanted to forget him so bad.
I wanted to stop myself from shedding tears again.
I wanted to stop myself from calling out his name.
I wanted to leave it all behind me.
As I keep on denying myself
How I need him so badly.

Whenever you’re around,
I always hear only my teardrop falling.
Whenever you’re near,
You keep whispering his words –
Those that made my heart beat fast
And those that made it sad and cry.

Even in my dreams as I sleep
You still whisper his name to my ear.
You keep repeating what he did –
How he made my world so bright
And also took with him that light.
As I again weep here in this dark room
Without anyone but you alone.

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