Beyond Eternal 5th Anniversary

Now that I remember it, I told Ade earlier that I would post something about celebrity bloggers today (err… yesterday afternoon, to be exact). But then again, I’m skipping the topic. I don’t wanna write it anymore. They’re just not worth blogging about and it will just came out as a rant.

On to the main topic of today’s post!

I know it’s 4 days late. I was busy with something else (like looking for that certain extra hot lingere I downloaded a year ago for my Sims 2 character that I’ve spent all day searching the other day; and a few gay stalking and such) and is partly lazy to make a giffy for everyone too. Anyway, here’s your giffy guys and yey for Beyond Eternal’s 5th year!

(Click and take!)

No, I wont post a list of people I knew from my day one of blogging. I already did that last year. And for my posts before that, they dont have anything interesting in them. XD

Following up my Anniversary Event, I’ll be moving it to next month. Because I’ve got a lot on my hands right now and I can’t possibly deal with it. I’ll keep you guys posted about it.

Now, start giving me love!

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  1. I had a a lot of blog buddies who were already maintaining their own blogs way before I discovered them, but I only have a handful who were really blogging for already 5 years or so. This is some achievement, my dear, and I’m really, really proud of you.

    I hope you will stay here for long. The blogosphere is where we first met and talked after all. 😉

    Happy 5th to Beyond Eternal! And thanks for the e-gift! So lovely, just like you… 😀

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