7.50 Fare

Damn it! LTFRB had approved the increase of fare from 5.50 to 7.50 and this would start on May 25 without discount for students on weekends (Read it yourself.) And this is bullshit for when the fare gets high, everything would eventually follow. We managed to talk to dad about it and he agreed to add another 500.00 for our monthly allowance to help us with the fare crisis. Horray to my dad for this! 😉

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  1. Yeah, the Phil’s economy’s totally worsening, and if this won’t stop, more residents of the country would suffer… waaaahh… 😯

  2. The day I heard about this freaking news, I wanted to kill someone. Damn LTRFB. Fucking retards!

  3. hehehe.. oo nga yaman nmn!! hehehe..

    i agree will all of u. yeah F – U – C – K them for doing that to us. also damn does companies who promise educational plans.

    also damn does who senators who agreed to increase the VAT!! Y can’t u think about the poor people of the country, all you think of is yourself and the money you are going to get from doing not in the senate. just sitting and doing nothing, F – U – C – K u senators who voted yes to the VAT increase!!

  4. Hey, your link will be changed next update mm’kay? LTFRB? Is that teh bus? Well that sucks, hard. Oooh well atleast something came out of it, raise in allowance, nice.

  5. What’s bad about the LTRFRB is that inalisn nila yung discount sa students kapag weekends! Darn it, hanggang Sabado clase ko. Magkana kaya ang “pera” na ibinigay at bakit ganun? There’s something fishy with Ms (or Mrs) Bautista (yung chairperson). Tapos may ibang colleges na nagpapapasok ng Sunday, and besides, nagrollback ang price ng diesel ng 1.25 pesos. Nakakainis!

    As if naman ang ganda ganda ng mga jeep dito, overloaded na nga, bulok pa. Lugi? “Pera” kasi eh.

  6. I thought it’s going to be on the 26th…what’s the difference, anyway? Err…a day added of suffering, I guess.

    Geez…Gloria ibagsak!!!

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