Nickname, Ano Ba Talaga?

I received one comment from someone who told me, “Ano ba talaga ang itatawag ko sayo?” which in English means, “What the heck would I really call you?” or in another English version with more manners, “What would you prefer me to call you?”

The person was referring to my nickname on which he could not make up his mind what to call me. It’s either Euri or Jz. Maybe it’s hard for him to choose since he’s not someone I met online, because if he were, automatically, he would refer to me as Euri. And because he met me offline first, he can’t decide between Euri and Jz.

In all honesty, I have no particular preference which name you wish to call me. You can call me Euri anytime offline or Jz anytime online. After all, I’m not a closet blogger who hides her online identity from the world. The entire world wide web may know who I am and I don’t care. Because everyone knows that I am Euri and I own Beyond Eternal whether at home, in school, with friends or at work; everyone knows I have childish faces yet sharp tounge; everyone knows I have gayish desires for Gackt, Mana and Toshiya; and everyone knows I am one freaking weird bitch who loves the dark. Well, at least at work, they see me as someone who is innocent. If you are having a hard time calling me Jz because there are a lot of people with the same sounding names, you can call me Euri. It’s easier to pronounce right?

PS: Euri is already an abbreviated version of Euridice. If you prefer to abbreviate it more, Eu-chan is fine as people from KHN calls me.

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  1. After all, I’m not a closet blogger who hides her online identity from the world.

    Pretty much the same here. People generally know me as the creepy fat guy who people generally avoid on principle. At least people don’t have any difficulty in choosing what to call me.

  2. Happy New Year, dear Euri. And since I never knew you as Jz, I guess I’ll just stick with that! 😛 I need fat addition too, I’m way too skinny! I wonder if that can be done…maybe we should look into it! :lmao:

  3. Never knew you as Jz, so I guess I don’t have any problems with that. =) I’m known both online and offline as Shari, although not many people know I own a website (because they don’t care). ^_^

  4. Don’t call me Euri-sama. I do not deserve to be called “sama” for I am a mere “nothing”, if I may say so myself.

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