23rd Year

It’s the 23rd year since my birth as a not-so-quite human. As a celebration of my rebirth, I want a virgin sacrifice! 😆 For additional request, please chain him into a crucifix wearing ancient Greek clothes. :lmao:

Anyway, I would like to take this chance to thank the lovely people who greeted me in advance – my Lord, NecroKael and the beautiful creatures from The Sanctuary, my ever-so-cool workmates (you know who you are), Ran-ni-sama, Vera-onee-sama, Kuya Archie (who’s V-cut I always forget), Kuya Myke, Gean (who even especially dropped by), James (who never fail to greet me each year), Scarlet Tears (OMG! Such an honor! ?), Gabby (my old HS friend), Smoker23, Harumi, Abdee, Tony G and Jeromee (who will give me a Ducan Doll someday :P)!

Thank you so much! ?

Btw, my birthday wish would be as usual – I want to be taller and fatter. X-P

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  1. Ooh Otanjoubi Omedettou! 🙂

    Ann’s last blog post..<a href=’http://bituwinfish.com/life/almost-weekend-update/'” rel=”nofollow”>(almost) Weekend Update

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