Drug v0.2

Firstly, to everyone who gave me Christmas and New Year’s gifts, thank you so much! =3

Welcome to BE version 16.2. This is also the version 16 layout, Drug. I just made the sidebar darker in color because my eyes can’t stand the too bright of a layout I crazily made. Also, the layout is completely done now. Yes, yes. The yellow colors and everything else are gone now. >_< Well, I only have until today for a vacation you know. Tomorrow, I will be working again.

My post sponsor this time is a plastic surgery site. I’m not fond of this kinds of things though. However, I like the domain name. 🙂

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  1. You might have thought oddly of the word “Lucifer” in my layout. Ngayon mo lang ba napansin yun? I’m guessing you thought it was Lucifer, the fallen angel, who was cast out by God from heaven and became the lord of devils? O.o

    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the name Lucifer as it was meant to be a beautiful name. After all, Lucifer means “light-bearer”, does it not?

    Lucifer is the name of the band who composed and produced “Drug”. Drug is a song btw, it’s their most popular single which was written by the girlfriend of the vocalist of the band. The song states that her boyfriend was like a drug – so addictive.

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