Gifts Updates

Time for a few site updates for the new year. So far, I’ve updated the gifts section and is currently recoding the entire site’s color schemes. I might be done some time soon. I’ll be cleaning up my links too. Affiliate sites without updates for more than 6 months will be automatically removed. This is the agreement upon affiliation, so you can’t tell me I’m rude.

Happy new year! Don’t forget to pick the gift up from the preview entry. 🙂

My post sponsor this time is about hair transplant in Manhattan. It’s pretty much just as the link said so you know what the link is about, already.

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  1. Manigong Bagong Taon! (did I say it right?)
    Mahal kita (in a friendly way) and hope this year will be a fun as the last was.

  2. Ooo, it’s already the new year for you? I’m still living the 31st here in California. XD But either way, HAPPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have a wonderful new year. 😳

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