Massive Updates

It had been a while since I tweaked wordpress. I even forgot all the WP tags I used to use. I went tweaking a little and hopefully fixed some errors I found. I’ve also fixed the CSS problems with the Menu *points above* of this site. If you are using Firefox, you might not have noticed that it’s broken. Because the errors are only in IE. I even tested it in both IE 6 and 7 just to make sure, and it was broken. And no, I didn’t code that CSS menu you see this time, unlike before. I am too lazy to figure out trivial things like, “why the fuck is IE so damn full of CSS bugs?”, seriously. I just changed the width and colors and things that you wont even need your brain to think. Also, I have horrible color scheming ability so please just bare that color scheme you are seeing for a while. >.&l6; I’ll change that as soon as I could think of a better color scheme to use.

That aside, I’ve updated to WP 2.0.6. I planned on doing so last week but I didn’t have the time so I just did that now. According to the WP Blog, it contains security updates. The site had been down for a few hours last Friday. I don’t know why too, so please don’t ask me. Server problems, maybe?. O.o

And for site updates, I’ve finally updated the Awards page after months. And I’ve finally decided to put down all the free layouts because I’m tired of them and there are tons of sites popping out these days that offers them too, so why the heck would I still put them up, right? And besides, my layouts aren’t that great too. I’ll replace them with something else. I’ll think about it first.

Updated to WP 2.0.7.

[edited 20070121.12.02]

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  1. di po ako gumawa nung avatars eh… nakuha ko lang po kung saan saan… ^^ nakalimutan ko nga po ilagay sa credits eung may ari kasi di ko na alam kung saan ko nakuha eung avatars ^^

  2. Oh.. yeah, Firefox is a lot better than IE.. although my site/blog looks better if viewed using IE5. haha…

    Hmm.. instead of layouts? How about colorbars? Or more avatars? 😀 Or signatures, for forums. XD heheh..

  3. WP 2.0.7 just came out about a couple of days ago. Damned Fantastico, still stuck on 2.0.5. I’m going manual the day 2.1 comes out. X(

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