While I’m updating my version of Worpress into the rocking 2.5 release, let me introduce you to something I just found out now.

There’s this virtual band called Mistula. And as far as virtual bands goes, they’re the only one in the Philippines (all according to Wikipedia). Some of you might already know them, but since as I had told you guys that I don’t watch TV, I just found out about them. Being a virtual band as they are, they’re a bunch of BJDs that formed a band, and of course, in a J-rockish kind of way. I got introduced to this band just now by Kanji, my MySpace mate. He actually commented on a certain image of me, mentioning this band. At first, I didn’t get what it meant. I honestly thought it was some kind of an unknown expression to me, but when I asked him, he told me it’s actually a band that he thought I was mimicking. Well, I can’t say anything about it really, since he doesn’t know I wear those type of clothing in a casual basis. And I don’t even need to tell him since it’s not as important as breathing. Whatever.

Anyway, I haven’t actually listened to their music yet (but I’m getting there), but as far as my artistic nonsense goes, I love their concept. Oh, and have I mentioned that I love their website too. You might wanna take a look at it, but I sorta love it, although it’s pretty heavy because it’s flash-made and all, it’s pretty damn interesting. And it got me hooked and surfing it and wasted 10 minutes procrastinating (that’s what I’m good at, anyway). 😉

I just dropped by to say that, so I’m off because I’m busy with work.


I LOVE THE NEW WORDPRESS! (Yes, in full caps, and yelling!)

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  1. I’ve seen this music act before somewhere (GMA or QTV, whatev), but I never actually got around to listening to their stuff. If I can recall, they’re the ones who employ ball-jointed dolls or something like that, right? And I think they’re, like, semi-huge abroad, specifically in Europe and some parts of the U.S. We should be proud of them, really. 😎

    Talamasca’s last blog post..Ode to a Cult Classic: Cracking Donnie Darko

  2. Yeah, BJD. There’s this BJD that I’m really hooked at and I wanna buy. It’s painfully $600 USD though. Fuck that.

    And yeah, they even have a world-wide fanbase too. ^_^

  3. Let’s see, to be honest, I would give a 6/10 rating as an over all.

    The concept for everything is a win, of course – I’ll even give a 8/10 for it (of course taking the fact that it’s not totally 100% original). With regards to the composition, I like the songs The Last Supper and Mulat only. The rest are not to my taste, I’m sorry.

    I hate the fact that there’s this narration thing at the beginning of each song. For someone (like me) who is not an avid fan of theirs and their music and will be trying their music for the first time, it left me an impression of boredom. It’s pretty lame too, if you ask me.

    In the case of The Last Supper, the mix of the drums and the guitars over the vocalist (the female voice) is pretty nice; and in the case of Mulat, the guitar/s play is/are notable.

    But with regards to the lyrics… uh… no comment.

  4. 😆 I never said it was crappy. I just said “no comment.” They’re different, no?

    I just find the lyrics, err… how should I put this… uhm, lacking in content? But it could be just me, you know. After all, you don’t write a lyrics as “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” You write it describing the feelings of the fox, jumping off that lazy ass dog.

  5. Interesting… It’s a first in the Philippines. XD The dolls were kinda cute (Or so to say… Hahaha!) Who were the real voices behind the dolls? o.O; Hnn…

  6. The dolls are typical BJDs. They cost a lot though (about 400-600 USD more or less). I wanted them too, but I never ended up buying them since I don’t really need them anyway? I don’t really have that luxury to buy stuff just because I wanted them. Oh, well.

  7. 🙁 cool..tnx..grabe amahal..ahuhu..langya ppyman muna q..hirap maging dukha..ska kahit gusto q pumorma e ndi pde..higpit bf q..musta nman aq?..euri tnx po..

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