Beyond Eternal 8th Anniversary!

This time around, I actually did not forget to celebrate this blog’s anniversary!

Here’s this year gift! Just click it to grab. And yes, you can hot link it from my Picasa.


So this year’s the 8th year since I launched Beyond Eternal. 8 is a symbol of infinity. And because Beyond Eternal is supposed to have the same feelings and ideals as infinity, I thought that I should celebrate it properly this time. So I decided that I’d give away something for a change. Since this is my first time giving away something, I’ve been pondering real hard about what to give for months. In the end, my laziness got into me and decided that I’ll give away mobile loads instead, to save me from the effort of having to ship the items I’ll be giving away.

I’ll be giving away Globe 100 loads to 8 lucky winners via raffle. The contest starts today, November 15, 2011 (Tuesday) and will end 15 days from now, November 30, 2011 (Wednesday) 11:59 PM Philippine Standard Time.

This is the procedure for joining, I’ll make it simple so please read everything.

  1. First, comment in this post with “Happy Anniversary Beyond Eternal! I hope I’ll win the raffle!” so that I may know that you’re joining the raffle, or simply commenting.
  2. Please leave a valid name and email when you fill up your name, email and URL. Your email is where I’ll ask your mobile number in case you win the raffle. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave your mobile numbers in the comments. I will not take responsibility if you get spammed with text messages when you leave it there.
  3. Repost and link back to this entry to your blogs, tumblr, or Facebook account.
  4. Please leave me a little something on my guestbook or tagboard (sidebar).
  5. If you have a twitter, please tweet about this contest too, to help it spread.
  6. You can also make me fan signs or arts if you want, just for fun.
  7. If you have questions about this contest, please post it here, also.
  8. You may only join this contest once.

I will use for the raffling in this contest. After the raffling, I will announce the winners here in this blog and in the following:

Feel free to follow these accounts for further updates on the contest. I will also send emails to the winners for their mobile numbers.

I think that’s about all of it. This contest is all for fun. We should never forget to have fun and strive for the future!

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  1. LOLOLOL. Baka marami na pala gusto sumali pero hindi sila maka-comment. 🙁

    [Oo, chinecheck ko kung may sumasali na iba. ;)]

  2. “Happy Anniversary Beyond Eternal! I hope I’ll win the raffle!”

    Nice layout Euri, I was here the day before yesterday yata kala ko tuloy ibang blog.

  3. Happy Anniversary Beyond Eternal! I hope I’ll win the raffle!

    I was actually a blogmate once, but I kind of abandoned my blog. Now that I have revived it, I was wondering if we could be blogmates again. Haha. Happy Anniversary once again. Sorry that I am 3 days late. 🙂

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve chanced upon a blog that’s more personal journal vs. the now traditional moneyz ads focused / reblogs / promotional / adverts. Not saying there’s anything wrong about those, jus that I prefer the journal type ones more. Keep on blogging. p.s. No need to enter me into the raffle. Jus passing by to say congrats for the 8th years ^_^

  5. Euri-sama~! ^_^

    This is Rozeh but I want to be known as “Roselyn” (which is my actual name) if I’m using this new blog of mine. 😛 I’ll link you in this new blog, I hope you’ll link this too. ^^ (aside from, and please do use Roselyn as my name when linking to this new blog.)

    Anyway, wow grabe, 8 years? Idol!!!! XD

    Happy anniv sa sa Beyond Eternal! Grabe eternal nga. XD

    Di na ako sasali sa contest, di ako swerte jan. 🙁 LOL

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